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Mental Health is a vital aspect of a person, and most of the issues of mental health challenges originate with in the family and society. A proper training should be encouraged in this aspect from the basic school education itself hence the stress level of adolescents is going high, which unresolved in terms leading to a chaos in the society tomorrow undoubtedly. More awareness should be a focus point in the present health care system.   

- Mrs Benedicta Paul, Andhra Pradesh 

Can we think of any measures to bring down suicide rates to zero level in our country, especially in the south states of India, I have noticed that the stress tolerance and cooperativeness of people, irrespective of age/ education is going down day by day. Silly reasons make people to become very aggressive and brutal, there is no effort of compromise or compensation for any problems, rather all are trying to prove that they are angry than others or they are more smarter than others in the aspect of non compromise or aggressive. Let's think of leading a peaceful life. Let's pray for "loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu", than making "loka samastha sukhi-NO- Bhavanthu". All the best!
- Dr Chandrasekharan, Kerala

Mental health care is one of the most important aspects in our health care system. Our country should give still more high emphasize on this vital aspect, so that harmony of our homes and society could be balanced, Because our next generation is the one who determines the acceleration of India.
- Mr Anil Sharma, M.Sc Nursing Student, Rajasthan


 Day by day, the strange happenings around us, through out the nation shows mental health of people is deteriorating, what ever the cause might be. Humanity and emotional attachment towards the fellow being is lost. It is the peak time for the country to strongly execute mental health programmes in all the villages and families in the country.
- Mrs Susan Alice Thomas, Chandigarh, Punjab

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