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      The department of psychiatric nursing provides excellent services in  psychiatric nursing education, research and  mental health care areas .The history of the department narrates the development of psychiatric nursing education and research in Father Muller College of Nursing.  Now the department is headed by Prof. Chanu Bhattacharya, having affluent experience in bedside care, teaching as well as in research activities, who has guided more than 100 students in the PG level and UG level in their research studies and is supported by other well qualified and experienced faculty members .


 The faculty, department of psychiatric nursing believe that the students, after completion of the prescribed course, will be able to demonstrate excellent clinical skills in managing mentally ill person both in the hospital and community area, based on the theoretical application of their knowledge and will be able to take up active participation in research activities and in nursing education as well.


 nTo motivate the students to develop practice skills to become an efficient professional mental health nurse and a life long learner

nTo develop the skills for class room and clinical teaching methods to teach client and public at large

nTo emphasis the importance of holistic care of the client  with physical disorders or disabilities considering special and vulnerable group

nTo carryout research activities in the clinical and community mental health/ illness considering special areas with special needs

nTo appreciate evidence based nursing practice and narrow down the gaps between theory, research and practice

nTo be updated with recent advances and keep up global standards of mental health nursing practice


The logo of our department is conceived and developed by considering the main three domains of  our  functionality in the areas of Education ( Teaching- Learning), Patient care and Research. 

1. Teaching- learning- To achieve the goals and to aim the outcome with its maximum positive output, the vision, mission and action must be target oriented. We follow this fundamental principle of success, and our all plans and activities are target oriented, whether it is in the area of education, clinical activities or research.

2. Patient care- Good human relation is inevitable in the existence and success of goal directed activity of any institution. We too promote strengthening of relations, by understanding the psychology of human behavior and correlating the principles of inter personal relationship and basic communication skills. It is essential when it comes to the ground of an area which deals with the care of mentally unsound people.

3. Research-  Academical activity incorporated with the clinical area and other research field is the prime interest of our department. So all our curricular and extra curricular activities enable the learner to excel in his/her academic performance and utilize the knowledge and skills in the area of clinical performance and teaching as well. Every year we plan and execute novel methods of clinical teaching for the students by Problem Based Learning. 

The department is a part of Father Muller Mental Health Center, one of the earliest in its kind, in the private sector in India.  A varieties of activities like, group therapy, psycho education, group discussion, case analysis, workshops and seminars are being carried out by the department regularly, where the students will be getting hands-on training to be masters in the specialty.

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