Dear Students and Teachers, we bring you  a  rich source of text books, online journals, back volumes and a lot of other useful resources which you can definitely  make use of.

Journals / Back Volumes

1. Psychiatry Online
2. American Journal of Psychiatry
3. Psychiatry Journals
4. Psy- World Journals
5. Indian Journal of Psychiatry
6. Pubmed
7. Helinet
8. Questia- Psychiatric Nursing
9. NIMHANS  E-Library
10  Journal of American Psychiatric Nurses' Association
11. SAGE Journals
12. Mental Health Practice- Back Volumes
13. The Cochrane Library
14. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing
15 Psychiatric Journal Library of University of Adelaide
16. Journal of Research in Nursing
17. Psychiatry Online -Journals
18. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
19. Journal of Psychiatric Clinics of North America
20. Archives of General Psychiatry
21. Journal of Psychiatric Practice
22. Elsevier Psychiatric Journals
23. Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
24. Open Psychiatry Journals
25. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology Journal
26. British Journal of Psychiatry
27. The Nursing Journal of India

29. Cochrane Library  

30. Medscape Online Journals
31. Asian Journal of Psychiatry
32. Journal on Addiction
33. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

34. International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research
35. Drug and Alcohol Library Journals

36. Journal of Personality Disorders

37. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
38. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association
39. Journal on American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disorders


1.. Psychiatric Nursing Theory
2. Schizophrenia
3. Online Text on Mental illness
4. Nursing Theories
5. Medical Dictionary  
6. Medical Dictionary 2 
7. Medical Dictionary with detailed description and pronunciation

8. English Dictionary 
9. Medical Encyclopedia
10. Drugs of Various  Disease Conditions
11. Mental Health Online Resource
12.  Psychiatry Online Reference
13.  Psychiatric Disorders Online
14.  Mental Health Encyclopedia
15.  International Days of Importance
16. Just Out of syllabus (refresh yourself)



2.  NCLEX- RN Online (Login Username & Password -  guest)

3.  NCLEX-RN Review

4. NCLEX-RN Practice


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