Q1. What is mental illness?

Mental illness is the illness just like any other. But it affects your thought, mood and behavior. It has got causes, treatment and prognosis.

Q2. What are the types of mental illness?

As we know the various functions of our brain, or in a simpler form; the functions of our mind which has various different domains such as memory, thought, emotions, intelligence, personality, behavior, judgement and insight. So mental illness are also classified under in these domains such as personality disorders, mood disorders, thought disorders etc. Or based on the severity and prognosis, it can be considered as psychosis or neurosis.

Q3. What is the cause of mental illness?

Mental illness is directly linked with the function of our brain, which is influenced by a variety of factors such as psychosocial, environmental, biochemical, genetic and so on.. yet exact cause of some cases can not be specified as what it is.

Q4. Is mental illness curable?

 All the mental illness are not curable, think about diabetes, it is not curable, but one can manage it,  or live without signs and symptoms with treatment and in mental illness also some cases are curable if treated in the acute stage and yet some other types are treatable and manageable. But a healthy family relationship is the ever best tonic for them.

Q5. As a family member what is my role in treatment of the patient?

Being a family member you can help the patient in many ways, you are a care giver at home, you can recognise his/her signs and symptoms, you can help the patient to have the medications regularly, and remember,  The love and concern that you provide can not be a substitute for anything else for them.

Q6. Can mental patients work/ lead a normal life, after their illness is cured?

Yes. but they should get a proper support from the family and the environment where they work. In fact they should not be kept idle at home when they are cured or illness is subsided, because we know that 'an idle mind is a devil's workshop'.

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